PALS is a group practice of experienced psychologists and neuropsychologists focusing on children and adolescents with a wide variety of developmental, medical, learning, and emotional challenges. We have extensive expertise in neuropsychological, psychological, educational and forensic evaluations, and serve as educational consultants and advocates for patients and their families.


  • Dr. David Salsberg

  • Dr. Laura Tagliareni


  • Dr. Michael Trush

  • Dr. Jordan Zelinger

  • Dr. Caitlin Parry

  • Dr. Perry Sandrock

  • Dr. Monica Ueda

  • Randall Klein

    Director of Educational Support Services & Learning Specialist
  • Nadine Maher

    Director of Behavioral Support Services & Parenting Coach
  • Mylenne Annunziato

    Office manager
  • Tracy Fournier

    Assistant Office Manager
  • Taylor Newsum