COVID-19 has created significant upheavals for all, but its impact on children and families with special needs has been particularly challenging. At PALS, we understand the unique needs of our community and have remained open throughout the pandemic, serving patients and families in these complicated times.

As an Essential Business, we are able to offer in-person evaluations for our patients in compliance with the guidelines and directives set forth by the Department of Health (DOH) regarding a clean, safe work environment.

While the majority of our staff has spent most of their training and careers working in hospital settings, and already practice Universal Precautions, the current healthcare crisis has demanded we establish even stricter, safer rules of operation.


In-Person Evaluations

In order to continue to provide children and families with ongoing access to in-person evaluations, we will be following state and CDC guidelines, including:

  • Maintaining social distancing measures to the extent possible by:
    • Limiting the number of PALS staff in the Suite.
    • Limiting the number of children/families in the Suite. Appointments will be scheduled accordingly.
  • Wearing masks and/or face shields at all times. This rule applies to patients and families as well. *We will supply masks for children or families as needed.
  • Outfitting our office with Plexiglass dividers at desks.
  • Disinfecting all materials daily, as well as between appointments as needed.
  • Making sure that materials (easels, pencils, manipulatives, etc.) given to a child are not passed back and forth and are properly cleaned between sessions.
  • Giving out Individual prize bags, rather than allowing children to pick prizes from a communal toy chest.
  • Using sensor operated sanitizers and garbage cans for a touchless experience.



While we prefer to conduct at least one session in person with all patients, remote testing, depending on chronological and/or developmental levels, can be highly effective. The majority of tests can be performed remotely, but it is important to note that a child’s developmental and attentional levels play a critical role in the evaluation process and can limit the extent of testing we offer. That said, we want to assure you that PALS always provides the highest level of clinical experience and evaluative tools when working remotely with children and their families. All our teleneuropsychology appointments are HIPAA compliant and ensure patient privacy.

Whether you opt for an in-person or remote evaluation, it should be noted that many aspects of the evaluation process, including parent interviews, questionnaires and general observation, can be done remotely, providing more flexibility for our families and reducing the time spent in the Suite.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out by email or phone.