We will provide you with specific educational recommendations and interventions based on your child’s unique learning profile and help you navigate the special education process when necessary.

School Observations

Observing your child in their school or therapeutic environment can be critical when assessing skills outside of the evaluation process and determining whether changes should be made to your child’s educational plan and/or setting. We can continue to observe your child through the years as they develop or change classrooms or schools.

Placement Recommendations

We have extensive experience with all public, private, and special education placements in the New York City area. In addition, we work with students in schools throughout the country and internationally. We will help you to determine whether your child’s current placement is appropriate and the right fit for your children. We will also make recommendations for the existing placement or help you to find a school or classroom better suited to your child.


We work with families through every step of the process to obtain services and implement interventions at every stage of development from Early Intervention (EI) through college and graduate school. We are committed to advocating on behalf of your child in any school environment and work closely with all members of your child’s treatment team. Examples include developing 504 plans, participating in IEP team meetings, testifying in impartial hearings, and joining school conferences.